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e1.jpg This project called for careful hand-digging of foundations for a ground floor extension so that adjacent garden work would not be affected

All ground work is done to minimise disruption on site. NC Walton is proud to offer this level of attention to detail, where the project demands.

e2.jpg NC Walton works with local craftsmen to produce bespoke frames. Here a large set of windows and doors are being installed which have been custom made to bring a living area out towards a garden border.

If you need attention to detail - and the contacts to deliver this - NC Walton can work to your exact specifications and designs.

e3.jpg Installation of the latest hi-tech building materials future-proofs projects. Here a roof space has been finished in a reflective insulation blanket, covering deeper foam insulation. The energy saving value of this approach to construction is essential in modern buildings.

NC Walton can work with advanced construction techniques and the latest energy-efficient materials to meet or exceed modern building regulation requirements.

e4.jpg NC Walton make sure that on-site working causes minimal disruption. During this project scrupulous attention to the site and deliveries ensured that the project was contained in as small a footprint as possible, to meet the client requirements.

NC Walton take pride in working closely with the client to make sure the project meets all requirements.